Cupcake City

photo courtesy of TomKat Studio

I recently spent a few days in San Francisco, where cupcake shops are all the rage. In NYC we have Magnolia Bakery, Buttercup, Crumbs, etc… My favorite is the S’mores cupcake from Magnolia, heaven! Suffice to say, I’m a sucker for a good lookin’ cupcake.

There’s been a slight shift in the party scene in favor of cupcake lovers – in addition to a cake, there are cupcakes. Event planners are using this transition to their advantage, because cupcake towers can be absolutely breathtaking.

For a cupcake stand,  Kim at TomKatStudios found a great deal at Michael’s for $20. She decorates it with colorful paper circles that match the theme. If you’re just starting out, Kim recommends using the Cupcake Kit.

Cupcake toppers come in all shapes and sizes. Sprinkles, lollipops, gummy bears, M&Ms – if you dream it, it can be a cupcake topper.

All this talk of cupcakes is making me hungry… I’m off to do some baking!

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