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Hello all! My name is Amanda, and I’m interning for Sweet City Candy this summer before entering my final year in college. I love to travel, read, and run, and I have to admit that chocolate and candy are two of my greatest weaknesses. I like to cook, although I prefer to bake because baking usually involves sweets and sprinkles.

I look forward to chatting about candy! (And if you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask.) :)

from the Saturday Evening Post, Sept. 23, 1944

photo courtesy of Curtis Publishing

With the beginning of summer, I caught myself reminiscing on summers from my childhood…

Whatever happened to the penny candy stores? When I was younger, my friends and I would take our tricycles for a ride with less than a dollar in our pockets to a penny candy store down the street and around the corner from my house. It was the only place we were allowed to ride and we went there every Saturday. A penny would buy us anything behind the glass counter: Candy Lipstick, Laffy Taffy, a candy necklace or bracelet, a caramel, an apple-flavored Blow Pop, a bag of Circus Peanuts, Wax Sticks, Sprees, Sixlets, Gobstoppers, Jaw Breakers, a Mary Jane, a strip of Candy Buttons, any flavor Tootsie Roll, a Bit-O-Honey, Bazooka gum, Atomic Fireballs, Candy Cigarettes, Lemon Heads, Charleston Chews – the list goes on and on. A quarter would provide an even better prize – a 2oz. mixed bag of anything behind the counter, with only one catch: what was inside was a surprise.

My friends and I used to pool our purchases (usually the quarter bags) and divvy the candy, and I always snatched the candy lipsticks, tootsie rolls, and candy buttons. Just thinking of those brings back memories. Flavors like cherry, orange, and lemon were (and still are!) enough to make my mouth water.

Candy buttons hold a special place in my heart. No matter how many times I tried, I never seemed to peel them completely off that paper. I have to admit that even now I still can’t eat the candy buttons without tasting some paper too, but really, by now paper is part of the flavor.

Penny candy stores should be revitalized….especially around college campuses. And finals week. And really anytime we get spare change. As a college student I can honestly say that penny candy store owners would make a fortune. In reality, penny candy creates a feeling of nostalgia, and it makes me wish I could go back to being a kid so I could have penny candy all over again.

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