Belly Up to the Bar, Sundae Bar Style

We thought it would be fun to invite a guest columnist once a month to offer unique and inspiring ideas using candy.  Melanie Moss is a food blogger and private chef in New York City. She loves anything and everything French, and her favorite tool is her trusty microplane grater.  Enjoy Melanie’s post below…

Ah, springtime: a host or hostess’s perfect excuse for bidding adieu to the oven. Once the warmth rolls around, my entertaining agenda is cake, tart, and crème-free. The warmer months’ menus all end with the same beautiful and tirelessly popular words: Sundae Bar.

Concluding a spring or summer event with a personalized array of candies, chocolates, and anything else you like atop your bowl or cone will bring out the best in your friends and family. Or if your family’s like mine, it’ll bring out one’s worst in line formation!

For last night’s bash, my toppings aimed to please. Gummy bears and sour peaches are a candy lover’s staples. Kit Kat bars will never grow obsolete. Add in chocolate-covered blueberries for the candy gourmande. All these colors went great over the blank canvas of Haagen-Dazs vanilla bean ice cream, generously scooped out into martini glasses for a grown-up twist.

And for the final liaison? Whipping up 1-minute white chocolate hot fudge didn’t break any no-stove springtime rules in my house.  A quick mixture of scalded heavy cream and white chocolate meltingwafers – an unexpected take on the classic hot fudge sauce – will be an addition to your sundae bar in just sixty seconds.

So start composing your Memorial Day shopping list, and flour and butter need not be included. They’ll be two bars at your barbeque, and one will be candy-coated.

For the white chocolate fudge:

½ cup heavy cream

5 oz. white chocolate melting wafers

- Bring the cream up to a high simmer in a small saucepan.

- Set white chocolate melting wafers in a stainless steel mixing bowl.

- Pour cream over chocolate. Let stand for 10 seconds, and whisk until combined.

- Melanie Moss

Photo Credit: Michael Glantz

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