Let’s Go To The Movies!

Last night my husband and I went to the movies for the first time in quite awhile. After we picked up our tickets we made our way upstairs to the concession stand. Yes, I am in the candy business but I didn’t plan ahead so we didn’t have any candy to bring with us. I was absolutely appalled at the prices of the movie theater candy. Basically, for less than the price of 2 boxes of candy, I could easily have bought an entire bulk case, which consists of 6 boxes!! Needless to say, I refused to pay that money and actually snacked on the lifesavers I had in my bag (with my husband chastising me through the entire movie for not having candy in our home.)

However, I learned a great lesson in saving money. We went home and picked out a few of our favorite movie theater candies and will now have them in the apartment. They will not only be exactly the same candy that is sold in the theaters but I have many more options to choose from and will have saved myself a bundle along the way.

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