Candy Centerpieces

photo courtesy of Chandelier Events

Creating centerpieces for a bridal shower can be both fun and delicious at the same time! Take a look at this beautiful photo taken by Belle Fleur of a black and white candy table. Start by deciding the color scheme that you would like to work with. One recommendation to consider is to try and limit yourself to 3-4 colors so the room looks cohesive and beautiful. Remember, even if you limit the colors, you can still choose a variety of candies!

For example, we are currently helping a bride who is planning her own bridal shower and is using red and white checkered table cloths. She has decided to go with black and white as her main colors
adding a little bit of red as an accent color.

Since she is working with a tight budget we decided to choose candy that will look great and won’t break the bank. Her selection includes mini yogurt pretzels, dark chocolate malt balls, red licorice bites, dark chocolate nonpareils, swedish fish, white rock candy on a string and a few others. She is planning on having 4 glass vessels in different sizes on each table filled with the various candies. At the end of the shower, all the vessels will be moved onto one table so guests can fill bags to take home. This will allow guests to get a taste of ALL the candies and not just the ones at their table. Not only is the bride creating beautiful centerpieces but she is also creating a fantastic shower favor!

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  1. Pretty Party Studio April 7, 2010 | Reply
    LOVE that pic!
  2. Anne April 29, 2010 | Reply
    That looks gorgeous :)

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