Gilt Groupe and Chocolate?

I am a huge Gilt Groupe fan and not embarrassed to be a part of the crowd that refreshes their browser several times at 11:59am before Gilt goes ‘live’ at noon. Today was a pleasant surprise when I began to search for a great top from the ‘Women’s Final Sale’ section when I saw in big bold letters, “Easter Chocolates…” Who would have ever thought designer chocolates would be sold on Gilt?! I now realize that nothing is impossible! It’s actually a very smart move for the companies that are selling their Easter selection on Gilt. With Easter being next week, no one wants to get stuck with an abundance of extra inventory. Kudos to Knipschildt Chocolatier & Vosages Haut Chocolat for a great idea!

A few items still left so grab em while you can by clicking here: Gilt Groupe

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